Wednesday, January 20, 2010


we officially are moving the first week of february! yesss

so now begins the whole terror/fun of acquiring boxes, packing, shuttling carloads over to the new place, etc. i can't deny how much i relish the whole process. (is that mad?) i enjoy eating everything in the house, scraping together weird meals that don't make sense all in the name of not-having-to-cart-this-to-the-new-place. and then unpacking and finding new homes for all of our stuff, everything being perfectly in order and clean when you first move in and get situated. moving itself isn't that fun but getting ready to and being finished with, oh yes indeedy!

first order of business is getting boxes.


Chelsea Perkins said...

we've got tons of boxes! let me know if you want to get them anytime.

jenny mae. said...

*happy dance*

ill let you know. mark & rachel tolentino are giving us a bunch from his work to get us started

meridith said...


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Heather Evans said...

Jenny, that is wonderful! We are also moving January 31st, and will have a ton of boxes when we are done! If you need them by then, we could drop them off to you!

jenny mae. said...

heather that would rock!! where are you moving to?

we are moving officially feb