Sunday, January 03, 2010

pictures, i haz them

new years eve! we went to two parties and saw so many of our friends. it was really fun. we wound up at wild goose creative, sipped on champagne, watched a few bands, ate foods. they had a feta artichoke dip that i could have freebased. those cats know how to throw a freaking party! john ruben and jesse cale were fantastic! oh, the ceiling was decorated with balloons that had little LED lights in them, loved that. they also had a "space age photobooth". we were in the car by 12:04 and under the covers with a heated blanket watching tv at 12:15. it's been so bitterly cold here! walking a block in tall shoes when it's in the teens and windy as heck = GET IN A WARM BED STAT. also i found someones credit card on the sidewalk that night and i've called their bank to try to return it before they cancel it but i can't get through to anyone.

did i post this already? i know i put it on FB and twitter but here? no memory. anyways, i like how we look twin-like here. our left eye is squinty and our chins are the same. he is just a mini me. this is going to sound narcissistic but i think one of my favorite parts of having kids is seeing how they mirror you & your partner. even small stuff. like olive will hook her big toes together absentmindedly while watching tv which is something that i've always done too but thought it was just a jenny thing. apparently it's genetic.

olive came to me one day and said she dressed up "for me". i.e. in all red. it was precious and i had to capture a snapshot of it.

finally. FINALLY david can understand my sims addiction now that he has rock band. he was up until 2:30 am a few nights ago. see! SEE!!? (ps sims addiction is in full swing though thankfully the house is still relatively clean and we've got clean clothes to wear and food to eat on occasion)

okay, i've committed to winter now, much against my will but hey, we're here. so now, i demand some snow. REAL SNOW. no more of this 1-2 inches then melt to a gross slush or annoying ice cap the next day. heave your bounty on me winter, get it over with!

i photoshopped a zit off my chin. just love me. this is me sick on the couch two weeks ago.


Carly said...

I absolutely adore that first picture of you and David. You guys look so freaking cool!

Judy said...

ha! That Photobooth gallery was pretty funny...some were boarderline *naughty* tee hee.