Saturday, February 13, 2010

pups, pouting, and yes more sparkly vampire-talk

meet dolores. the newest member of our clan

dolores has fleas, awesome. we can't tell if she had them when we got her (she was with her litter so...?) or if the apartment somehow had fleas when we moved in. either way it's a big pain in my butt. well actually it's more than that. i am pretty terrified of fleas. i feel like my whole house is "infected", i feel weird picking dolores up, and im constantly thinking about every thing she touches and how i want to set it on fire after she's moved away from it. they did a puppy version of frontline on her today and i bought some carpet spray from the vet. meanwhile i am getting scalding hot water and scrubbing down all of our bedding, towels, clothes on the floor, pillows, GAH INFECTED!!! overall i am loving this little girl. olive has really been taken by her and they spent about an hour "playing tag" yesterday - you know running and chasing from one room to another. the first night dolores yelped in her crate the entire night, david attending to her need to go outside off and on. maybe one of the reasons im liking having a puppy is because i dont have to do anything at night? i rationalize that i spent 95% of the nights with the kids (hey david had no lactating breasts, not his fault!) so this is his baby now. not that im not up just as often hearing the yelps but yeah, no way im putting on boots and trudging out into the snow to watch this baby pee. today she hasn't had a single accident, which is saying a lot because she's only 6 weeks old. as soon as i find my camera cord ill upload more pictures of this puppy. she is ridiculously cute and im not even a dog person

david took augustine to ikea today to spend some of our tax return money. im kind of bummed that i wasn't able to go but we couldn't leave dolores with a babysitter at this point. so it made sense but im still feeling a bit frustrated. it's kind of euphoric to go through all of their endless aisles and displays, though oddly overwhelming and anxiety-inducing too. hmm... i can't wait to see what he comes back with!

my mom is doing better. she went home wednesday, was tended by my dad on wednesday and thursday and felt well enough to be home alone friday. the biggest news: she is quitting pepsi. i dont know if i've ever talked about this here but my mom is a 3 (maybe more?) a day pepsi drinker and is in all honesty physically addicted to the stuff. even through her pancreatic and gall bladder pain last week she could feel the withdrawl effects of not being able to have one. thankfully (?) she was able to face the withdrawl with heavy meds for her gall bladder/pancreatitis. i mean if you're going to get off a drug might as well do it doped up, yes? im really proud of her for taking a crack at "sober living" without pepsi. i have no memories of a time when my mom wasn't swigging on pepsi. i kind of love that i find pepsi so endearing because it is so heavily associated with my dear mom. she hasn't really had much to eat yet (since oh, 13 days ago) - some broth, jello, a nutrigrain bar. i think she was going to try some mashed potatoes soon. im so glad they were able to do the laproscopic procedure instead of the full incision. her healing rate will be significantly less painful and long.

yesterday i finished up the Twilight series. for the third time. in a row. i need to stop but like, is there some AA-like meetings i can go to? HALP! i must return them to the library. i must return them to the library. i must NOT buy them. until christmas. definitely not until my anniversary in june. hey! valentines day is tomorrow *rocking back on her heels whistling*


Doom For Darlings said...

Dolores is absolutely adorable :) The fleas are normal for puppies that have been with a litter, and the Frontline will definitely help. It's never fun to go through that, though/

So happy to hear that your mom is feeling better! Someone in my family drank Diet Mountain Dew for years, 2-3 times a day, then cut it out. What do they put in that stuff?!

Judy said...

delores is adorable. What a cute name. Def doesnt look like a lance. lol

jenny mae. said...

i am sooo freaked about the fleas. we had a cat get them and he scratched himself until he bled because he was extremely allergic. i think it kind of traumatized me.

also yes, she's definitely not a lance :)

damselfly said...

your growing family are so lovely! you are very blessed. i really enjoy reading your blog . come visit mine sometime! <3

Jamie said...

Delores is a doll!! Our poor dogs have had fleas a couple of times... it's so frustrating and I'm with you... you feel so infected by them! The best thing was to give them a bath every single day as well as wash and vacuum everything that they've touched. Thankfully it's winter now so it shouldn't take long to get rid of them. Just be careful using OTC stuff to treat fleas as the pups can sometimes have bad reactions to them. Good luck!!

jenny mae. said...

they did a puppy dose of frontline on her and i gave her a bath today. i also went out and got a vacuum and 9 bags, because you have to throw out (like OUT-out) the bags or the little buggers will just crawl out and reinfect the house. if we keep up with the bathing and frontline i think we're golden but for now? EEEKKK

Violet said...

A puppy! How exciting! She's adorable, too. The puppy stage was a cute one, but I much prefer the doggy stage. :) can't wait to see her as she grows up!

Oh, Twilight. People harp on because it's cheesy or whatever, but I love it. It's about real, true love, about finding your "one" in the whole world and KNOWING what it feels like. Sure, Edward is like the epitome of what most of us want/need (minus the dead thing), but they care about each other. Their love runs so deep, it's so thick that you can't help but adore the books. The living forever together part actually really got to me, reading it the first time.. I have my "Edward" and I wish i could live forever with him and our family. I have a love/jealous relationship with the series.... I love it more than it upsets me though, so I keep the books around. ;) (BUY 'EM, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO)


crystal ann said...

twilight have you seen the movies yet OMG AMAZING!love them I LOVE THE BOOK as well cause it has more detail as the movies leads on with some and not others but it still rocks!!!

nathansmart said...

thank God your mom is giving up Pepsi - Coke is so much better and she'll be a better person for the change

jenny mae. said...

violet - i had all of the checked out from the library and read them each 2-3 times. i must say this morning when i returned them (FINALLY) my hand felt very heavy dropping them into the slot. imma have to buy them stat.

crystal - yes ive seen both multiple times. not as good as the books but they'll do :)

nathan - cherry coke>cherry pepsi>coke>pepsi

GiN87 said...

I know this is an old post but I had to respond. Dolores is adorable!!! And the fleas are a pain. Hope everything's worked out since then.

As for Twilight... I know this is gonna sound pathetic, but I was almost 21 when the fourth book came out. I remember finishing it and telling all of my friends that when I turn 21 that was it. I wasn't gonna get any older. I was gonna find my 'Edward' and we were gonna have a 'Renesumee' and we were gonna live happily ever after. ...... and then I turned 22 and I cried. They are amazing books. They give me hope that love like Bella and Edwards does really exist.. (minus the vamp thing)

Glad your mom is doing well and I wish her luck on overcoming her Pepsi addiction. =]


jenny mae. said...

i think hope is never a bad thing, but also remember it is a book :) reality is a good good thing. but yes, i had the same reaction