Monday, February 08, 2010

moving, resetting my brain, mom

we're all moved out/in over here. good grief do we know how to pick the worst week to move or what? my mom winds up in the hospital and we have a huge snowstorm, YAY LET'S MOVE! i think we got 9 inches of snow, according to a friend. it was a pain in the rear but it was decided before we even knew about the snow coming so what can you do? an incredible amount of friends came and helped us, it was a real blessing! we moved the whole place in about 4 hours, then my awesome in-laws stuck around for a few more hours helping us tie up loose ends, entertain the kids, etc. as soon as we put everything away and settle ill put up some pictures of our new digs.

i was hoping that the move would sort of reset my brain and help me sleep better at night. since the break in every little bump in the night sends my heart racing, hands clenching the covers, bolting upright in a defensive pose. i don't think it's completely offbase to say that i think i've got a certain level of PTSD going on. the walls here are rather thin sadly and i didn't get to sleep last night until our neighbor wound down for the night sometime around 2:30. we are planning to get a puppy soon, which i hope over time will become an alert dog, sensitive to only noises that threaten us so i can adopt a "dog isn't barking, we must be fine" sort of mentality. i feel like im back in my children's infancy with the scant amount of sleep i'm getting. oy vey. last night i peaced myself out with two benedryl, ear plugs, and me curled up in a ball praying. this is not my favorite season of life.

my mom is doing better, thank you Jesus. her inflammation and pain are down, as well as her need for as much pain medication naturally. i talked to her on the phone a few days ago and she said the drugs were starting to make her feel paranoid, which i had great sympathy for being an anxiety sufferer. (good grief if i ever have to endure prolonged medication use i will FREAK) she is having surgery to remove her gallbladder today.

in completely unrelated news, i got a new pair of shoes.


Nick said...

Glad to hear the move went well - we'll pray for a sense of peace and excitement in your new home.

CC said...

Hey Jenny, I had a similar experience and was feeling like I had PTSD symptoms. My Naturopathic Physician treated me with a temporary round of natural adrenal supporting supplements and it made a huge difference. I don't know if that would help you but for me it was like night and day. It really helped me get back to normal. Hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

Your shoes are pretty awesome. Not that I could pull them off (not my style) but am totally envious of those who can.

So thankful your mom is doing better! Still praying for a swift recovery.

I'm hoping things calm down soon from the move and that your neighbor becomes more considerate.

~ Dallas Ann

Hummingbird said...

great to see all of the good news. :)
Are you guys looking at buying a puppy or adopting?

Also: Dravens are AWESOME shoes.. however Duane is a JERK. :-/ ...(still awesome shoes<3)

Mandy said...

fellow anxiety sufferer here - also in a curl-up-in-a-ball-and pray-for-sleep season of life - different reasons but I feel your pain and will pray for peace. anxiety is the WORST!!!!!

I'd love to hear what sort of alternative therapies you've tried sometime as I know your dad is a chiropractor and you try to avoid meds etc. Found anything helpful?

jenny mae. said...

we would love to do a rescue dog but well, i have a fear of dogs (big time) so i really need to get a puppy to have it be as much of a blank slate as possible if that makes sense. i can't inherit someone else's dog. we found a local breeder that we are probably getting one from in a few weeks. they were just born friday!

mandy - as far as helping with sleep regular adjustments and melatonin help me, though not entirely curbs the insomnia. have you ever tried bach's rescue remedy?