Thursday, February 04, 2010

update about my mom again

first im sorry for not responding to all the comments and well-wishing. i kind of have a lot on my plate.

last night at around 7:30 PM they transferred my mom from Memorial Hospital in Marysville to OSU Hospital here in Columbus. her doctor had an engagement of our town and basically, if something were to happen he'd rather have her at another hospital, with a plan already in place, than have them scramble around, consult with him long distance, etc. man you've never seen two people (my dad and i in separate cars) chase an ambulance before! i believe we were going 85 mph for most of the trip from marysville. today my wonderful mother in law hung out with the kids post-lunch time so i could go and spend more time with my mom in the hospital. today she was better, more lucid, her movements less i dont know, sluggish? more sure of what she was trying to do? the haze of medications no doubt is the source. but on that note yesterday she was taking pain meds every 2-3 hours (and struggling to go even that long) and today she was getting them every 3-4 which was big in my book. also a whole team of doctors came in and gave us the CT results, which were looking like they were moving in the right direction. her enzyme levels were better and white blood cell count was down, which means the infection is calming. the CT scan showed no more gallstone in her pancreas (the pancreatitis being the root of all of this wretched pain). so all of that means that i THINK she is on the mend, that yesterday was the worst day, and that every day she will inch towards "well enough" to get surgery. she might have to have two surgeries but at the very least first she will get her gallbladder out, probably monday. i think we are to then anticipate 6? 8? weeks of recovery.

anything is better than yesterday. it was so hard seeing her in such pain

most of today, while i was there at least, my mom rested in the dark while my dad and i huddled around his tiny portable dvd player watching Lost. after a few hours of that i cracked the bathroom door to let a little light in and sat against the wall reading.

my dad: what are you reading?
me: umm Twilight
my dad: is that the one about vampires that sparkle?
me: *dies* busted


Violet said...

I'm so so so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better! What you're doing for her, by being there, is something that she'll never forget. :)

I LOVE that your Dad knew about Twilight! Tee hee hee!


Anonymous said...

oh man, i had pancreatitis and gallstones and would like to go on record... most pain i have ever felt in my life. more pain than giving birth!

meridith said...

i'm so sorry about your mom, i can't imagine how hard it is to see her in that pain. praying for her healing and recovery.

crystal ann said...