Friday, April 02, 2010

augustine's prayer

last night before nightly prayers i talked with augustine about what maundy thursday meant to us as christians. this is i suspect his first year of being able to comprehend what we believe and i can go into more detail about different aspects. so after i explained it i said "when you pray tonight, why don't you talk to God about whatever you feel about this easter season." and he prayed

dear Jesus,
thank you for dying on the cross and coming back to life.

then he paused, unfolded his hands, opened his eyes and said "God just spoke through my heart! He said "good job augustine, what you said was right!" and well, i totally lost it. then he kept praying but i was sitting there in a puddle of tears. the most important thing in my life is my relationship with the Lord and communicating that to the world and family. i don't force my kids to believe what david and i do but am beyond thrilled that augustine has picked up on it all. i can only hope that he continues this trend throughout his life but for now, that kid has a heart that i admire. so full of faith and joy about God.

best easter song ever


Lisa said...

Tear to my eye. How beautiful to watch faith grow in a child.

meridith said...

oh so precious

Corin said...

Beautiful beautiful! How awesome to see your baby coming to faith!

Happy Easter to your fam! God Bless <3

christin joy said...

That brought me to tears. God is awesome!

christin joy said...

Praise the Lord. This brought tears to my eyes. I write letters to my children who aren't even conceived yet and my first prayer for them is that they will love the Lord.