Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nursing & stressball

olive nearly fell asleep nursing while i sang to her. it was precious and so full of nostalgia. though, i dont know if we will crank out any more kids. time will tell but this taste of freedom is mighty tasty. i dont think we'd be heartbroken either way, which is good.

i had placed augustine in the lottery to go to the "informal school" near us. his number was pulled like 125th. wah wah waaaahhh. so, no problem he will go to our neighborhood assigned school. well kind of a problem. see the school is going to start renovations (it's an old building) for TWO YEARS and it's student are being taught down in victorian village.

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it might not seem THAT far but olive will go to preschool in north clintonville and has to be there ~8:40 am. augustine on the other hand has to be at school before 9 so pretty much i am in trouble as to how to make this happen. do i carpool? (being responsible for other people's kids on a consistent basis i KNOW would give me panic attakcs) does he take the bus? (OMG he's only a baby-child!) YARRR I HATE THIS. augustine seems unphased by it all and says he'd love to ride the bus and go to school wherever, whenever. dear Jesus let that anxious gene skip him/olive. pretty please?

i haz a stressball

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crystal ann said...

WOW that is a yarr stressball
my sister had the same problem and she put her daughter on the bus ong you should have seen her the first day she had a panic attack!! but when brooklyn got home she was jumping up and down telling us about all the friends she made and the girl she sat next to which is her best friend bree i'm not a mom but it seemed ok and i don't know how it feels but to see the panic on my sisters face was well good enough for me to understand a little bit i have no idea if this is helping you at all really but i figure i would help..