Friday, May 07, 2010

we made eye contact again

i had a dream last night that i was in the gym of my elementary school at some gala? meeting? let's just settle on "gathering" that i was hosting or was somehow involved in. then lance armstrong and his girlfriend showed up and i geeked. i kept shrieking OH MY GOD! OH. MY. GOD. OHMYGOD!! (which is funny because i would never blaspheme in my real life.) i woke up positively cracking up.

dreams are funny

gosh i would never, and i mean NEVER want to have any level of celebrity associated with me. i sometimes cringe at how i would react if i ever met lance armstrong. i would make such an ass out of myself and i couldn't help it! i mean i wouldn't shriek but i know i couldn't just act normal, as if he wasn't who i hold him up to be in my head. i would probably go red in the face and act all twitchy and force my words out really quickly. and i couldn't look him in the face or else i might shriek about how much i admire him and i'd talk his ear off about the tour de france. celebrities have a really cruddy life. people think they know them, knows what makes them tick or what they enjoy. they don't. they can't! even the most overexposed celeb has a veil (and i hope it's a darn thick one) between their persona and their Real Life. i don't believe anyone, beyond who i physically or emotionally interact with in my real life, is who i perceive them to be.

well, not mr. armstrong. he wouldn't do that to me! or something


saylor days said...

you are so funny! the whole thing is weird to me. i've seen so many people react precisely the way you describe meeting my husband- it's awkward on the other side too [maybe as a christian it's been even harder because the attention/flattery is just plain wrong sometimes.] and there's often so much staring and expectation to be amazing and everything you say they laugh even harder at-even interacting with me.. and then knowing someone's 'real story' and seeing girls gawk all over them and thinking they are amazing and OH so talented... that kinda makes me want to cry. and scream.
seeing this for years has made me so turned off to any type of celebrity status and i get amused/confused at people who are so obsessed with someone who is just another person. ALL that being said... do i name drop? yes- 'colin just met jessica simpson haha!!'
and yah if i met tina fey i'd totally wanna somehow make a sweet connection with her and then of course i'd tell everyone i met her! so strange!

John McCollum said...

I kind of already think of you as a celebrity. Let the ass-making begin.

EVA said...

haha, at least you have a clear head about it!