Wednesday, June 02, 2010

memorial day weekend wrap up

friday was david's birthday and we had about 20-25 friends come over for a cookout. everyone brought food and drinks (and fireworks!) and we laughed until the sun went down then a few friends sojourned inside to listen to some records and i put the kids to bed (10 pm!). it was pretty fun and i was really excited to see that almost half of the people who came out were our neighbors. the only bad part of the evening was that post-party i couldn't get the air conditioning to kick back on. i had just turned it off when guests started coming, reasoning that people would be in and out of the house the whole night so it would be pointless.

so because the a/c was being funky we have been sleeping in the living room as a family since saturday night. david lugged augustine and olive's mattresses downstairs and we've just been bunking all together with a fan blowing on us. during the day the house is turned into a cave - windows open, shades drawn, no doors open, a fan blowing in the dimness. when it's 90 degrees ya gotta do, what cha gotta do.

saturday morning we emerged from the cave to head to the community garden to help weed and water it. i was so happy to hang with the gallaugher's and boyd's. something about friends in the morning in a garden felt really good. the kids ran around (augustine trying to find snakes and butterflies, olive seeming to attempt a personal record to see how dirty she could get.) it got very hot very quick so we went home and all took tepid showers to cool down and de-smell before heading to my parents house for a cookout. we went through my parents old records and took a dozen or so. we hung out the rest of the beautiful day with my whole family playing cornhole and eating off the grill.

we got there early because my parents were getting rid of all of their camping gear and since we camp more than anyone else in the family we got first crack at the stash. we came home with some pretty righteous gear (camp stove, small tent, mosquito netting, new lantern, pie irons, etc.) SWEET. speaking of, we are going on a vacation next week. half vacation-half staycation. the vacation part is that we are going camping at mohican state park where we'll be going canoeing, swimming, riding go-karts, and playing mini-golf. the staycation we'll be doing fun stuff around columbus (undetermined yet but im thinking of stuff like zoombezi bay, clippers game, zoo, COSI, etc.)

sunday we walked to church then laid around like walruses me reading an interesting biography about houdini, and david playing super mario bros on the wii. that night we went to an interest meeting about Justice Gardens where jared went over the past, present, and future for the project. i'm extremely excited to see how it is evolving. the future looks bright!

yesterday was ridiculously hot and i didn't feel like cooking so i just ordered some hounddogs pizza and inspired by how matted the kids hair is post-naptime i gave them little summertime trims. hair for the compost and not as sweaty children. win/win!

oh & today someone is coming to fix my air and maggie & rosalie are coming over. i wish i had a magic wand to transform this cave into something presentable before everyone gets here but i can't lug two mattresses up the stairs alone. d'oh!

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EVA said...

I can't believe it's so hot where you are already! Definitely not summer in my part of the world yet (west coast Canada). Soon enough though!