Friday, May 28, 2010

loving the unloveable

i fail at all kinds of things as a parent. (some way worse than others) one thing i really want to, and try to get right is communicating that they are loved unconditionally by david and i and most importantly God. yesterday augustine asked me how God could ever love bad people (he then brought up the person who broke into our house). i told him to imagine what would happen if say, i left the room and he ripped the tv off the wall or broke a window or in some other way REALLY acted out in a way that would make me angry.

what would happen?
you would get really mad at me.
but do you think that i could ever get so mad i would stop loving you
(without hesitation) no.
exactly, only MORE.

i then went onto say that i felt God could see every little thing you do, even inside your head and heart and even if those things are bad, and we all do really bad things that make him mad, he still loves us because it's impossible to break his love (or mine/ours). i told him all about how i felt that people do really bad things but that a single choice doesn't make them good or bad overall either. the person who broke into our house is just as loved by God as we are.

and then i cried both because it's true and i can look at myself and see what a scumbag i am all the time and still get loved on by God and that augustine brought up a good question and we could talk about. stuff like this is why we are alive.


Dallas Ann said...

What a beautiful conversation.


Sarah said...

Have you ever heard the song "you cannot lose my love" by Sara Groves? Kinda reminds me of your conversation!

jenny mae. said...

sarah - no i dont think i've heard it