Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and the puke goes on

is today over yet?

last wednesday night olive started throwing up in the middle of the night. then thursday and friday she was happy go lucky, energetic, and had no symptoms. saturday afternoon puking again. sunday - lethargic but no vomiting. yesterday was the worst though. i came back from walking augustine to the bus stop (~8:30) and she was still in bed. 30 minutes later she was playing on the ground in her room quietly. 30 minutes after that she was almost asleep on the floor amongst the toys. i made her a little bed out of augustine's feathery duvet, her pillow, and a blanket because she said she didn't want to move. i rolled her onto this bed and she fell asleep and stayed there either dozing or looking out the window for the rest of the afternoon. it was SO sad. she was so tired and without an appetite but again, no vomiting. today, diarrhea and more vomiting but not fatigued. in fact last night she ate a whole bowl of steamed vegetables before bed and this morning actually ate the pancakes i made for us all so i figured she was turning the corner. nope, mount vesuvuis all over the bathroom floor a minute ago. i've never taken my kids to the doctor for being sick before but this one is testing my resolve a little. i'm of the opinion that she had what david had. it hung around and was intense for a few days (whereas hers is less intense and more spread out but the result will be the same -- recovery without intervention.) she isn't sick enough to get antibiotics nor do i think it's even something that would require them. so if that's the case why go at all? her school is requiring a well check so she will be going in for that next week. good grief if it isn't cleared up by then! today i literally had to scoop up a 5-heaved pile of puke WITH MY HANDS. oh, motherhood.

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Alia said...

:( poor olive