Friday, November 05, 2010

"i have just made the world's largest gem sweater in the world!"

i am proud to belong to a group of friends who are very craft-y. i, however am not craft-y. i can't sew, knit, felt, or crochet. i can garden and i can bake and i'm sure given enough time and glue i could decoupage the crap out of something. oh! or a bedazzler, i could probably wield that with much success. (wait, is anything successfully bedazzled?) anyways, i am a-okay with that mix. my good friend maggie showed me this video and not only is it hilarious but it's also pretty accurate of craft-y friends! i could see many, many of my friends doing this video.


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Amanda said...

I made the mistake of watching this while at work. It was a mix of horror and dying laughing (key elements in all good videos).