Monday, December 06, 2010

birthday weekend wrap up

my birthday weekend was awesome!

friday night we went to a local hot dog joint called dirty franks and it was unreal. they have like two dozen fancy hot dogs you can choose from with delicious sides like tater tots, fries, and funnel fries. i hate hot dogs so i subbed a brat and got one thanksgiving dog (which had mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce) and one "cowgirl carmen" which had chili, cheddar cheese, and fritos. the latter was particularly delectable. i also got a big fat order of tater tots and fries. i have high standards for tater tots and these were fantastic.

behold the glory

fries and TATER TOTS

saturday i slept in and david made me breakfast - a brownie! bacon! and blueberry muffin! i think ill keep that man around. then we all got dressed and went record shopping at two places.

Lost Weekend Records

silly gooses

i ended up getting steve miller band, grateful dead, mgmt, akron/family, mamas & the papas, meatloaf (don't hate), radiohead, the doors, & mumford and sons.

after record shopping we met my parents for lunch and was surprised to see my whole family was there! der dutchman has THE BEST food and we all stuffed our faces. then we came home, laid around, and augustine went off to a friends house to play. that night was david's company party so we dropped the kids off at my brother josh's house and went out to luce's. again, delicious food! except this time we were dressed up. 5 minutes after sitting down david's coworker leans over and announces that she "has waited long enough! let's talk about doctor who!" and we laughed and talked nerdy for the rest of the evening. i will also note that this was the first company party in history that i have been able to attend without taking an ativan first. i felt so proud!

sunday we overslept and missed church. david's huge project that kept him at work 80-100 hrs per week is over so it's kind of nice to just do nothing together. we played mario kart if that counts.

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