Wednesday, December 08, 2010

accidental date night

it seems we are on track to close on the house by the end of the week. YAY! we sent the kids off to my parents house for the night, since augustine has no school today. half way home i remembered that i wanted to stop by hobby lobby and get the kids some bean bags to go with one of their christmas gifts. so we went there, naturally they didn't have any, but we did get some nice fabric and candy molds. have i mentioned that i'm making candy now? i can bang out a really awesome dark chocolate caramel if i do say so myself. then we hopped over to a few stores nearby to pick up some small things for the house - new street numbers, a sweet showerhead that looks like a spaceship (xnerdsunitex!), some storage for the bathroom, a dimmer switch for the dining room, etc. we also picked out paint for the dining room and olive's room. olive's room is going to be light purple and here is what the dining room is going to look like.

dining room

then i felt passy-outty because of my hypoglycemia and we went to chipotle. half way through dinner i was like "HEY! we are accidentally on a date!" and we had a good laugh. have i mentioned how much i love to laugh with david? i do. a lot. i don't think i could ever date anyone ever again. i realized last night that most of the things i say are a string of inside jokes that are between david and i. we have no plans for divorce or death any time soon thank God.

also, yesterday i had a doctors appointment and it was the first doctors appointment i have been to in over 10 years that i didn't take an ativan before going. when he asked how i was doing with my medication (i hadn't seen him since he prescribed it in late summer) i was like "the proof is right here!" i didn't even ask for an ativan refill because i can't remember the last one i took! keeping in mind that in late july/early august i was taken 1-3 PER DAY. God is good, life is good, medication is good.

today david took the day off of work and we got rid of two trash bags full of clothes, some old baby stuff no one needed, etc. and took it all to the thrift store, dropped some things off at maggie and austin's house, ran to the co-op, and he is out picking up paint while i am uhh supposed to be typing reports for work. soon, soon.

also, unrelated to me but i am signing augustine up for kindergarten chess and he is really excited. NERDCORE! he can't wait to properly play david.


Chelsea Perkins said...

i LOVE the colors you picked out. i can't wait to see it in person.

Adriana said...

okay A. congrats. B. LOVE the color choice. C. my husband has hypoglycemia...i rarely meet people who do or understand it but boy does it SUCK. and D. My step son did chess and LOVED it. He plays with my husband all the time. I think its such an enriching way to pass the time.

Karolin said...

hello jenny. i like the colors you pick for your dining room. please show us more photos of the house. other homes are always such an inspiration to me ;) thank you!

greetings from berlin, germany!! karolin (we are friends on facebook)