Tuesday, December 28, 2010


christmas was great and things are finally starting to slow down around here. it has, like everyone else probably, been a long string of events to celebrate the season. to top it all off, we have been spending copious amounts of time with david's sister and her family, in from boston. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE and i wish we lived closer so we could spend leisurely nights eating dinner while our kids run around the house squealing and playing games like they have lately. it is just so... comfortable. i wish i had more photos to commemorate the goings-on of our family lately but meh. it's all just happened so organically that i haven't felt compelled to whip our a camera.

Christmas dudes
there's this little ditty though.

christmas was full of major amounts of sugar consumption. this is the first holiday in memory where i can actually tell that i have gained some weight enduring. olive ate so much that in the middle of the night she started vomiting and didn't stop for 12 hours. MERRY CHRISTMAS or something. poor david was sleeping with her and got the brunt of it. there is a weird phenomenon in our family wherein david seems to always be with her when she vomits and i, rarely. i think i've only seen olive throw up 3 times and david has a dozen or more. it is not fun to get into a car and drive around with a puking child.

because i lost my phone when we moved i got a new windows phone for christmas from david. YAY! i can make Real Phone Calls and text all the livin long day. i am heavily addicted to the ninja fruit app. another thing he gave me is a big vinyl cut out of a tardis that he made at work. i don't quite know where to put it just yet.
tardis vinyl

last night we went to the zoo with the whole family to see the winter lights. it was beautiful albeit cold as heck. tromping around in 10 degree weather is so much more pleasant with hot cocoa and family though. again, seeing the kids tromping around with their 4 cousins was priceless. olive fell asleep on the way there and augustine fell asleep on the way home. he was so tired when we got him out of the car that he walked up to the wrong house!


Lisa said...

Love the photo. Glad to here you got out with your bunch to see the lights. We are supposed to go to a local lights display for a train ride on Thursday. If our colds/flus lighten up, we will actually make it!

Ariel said...

I LOVE the Ninja Fruit game too!!! Andy also gave me a phone for Christmas--so funny! I hope you have a blessed new year!

saylor days said...

wait a minute, olive has thrown up 15+ times? saylor has thrown up twice in his life! that's weird!
also is your new phone a different #? yay for texting and games and such!