Tuesday, December 21, 2010


so much to write about! i have dug myself into a blogging hole because there is too much to say on too many topics for one entry. so instead of just tackling one topic at a time i freeze up, start an entry, delete it, then close the computer with the mental promise to come back and try again later. l o l

so forgive me if this entry is disjointed or long.

as previously mentioned the house was a foreclosure in our neighborhood. HELLO this never happens. it all happened so randomly that it the whole thing has Jesus written all over it. we randomly received a business card from one of augustine's friend's mothers "to keep in touch" and it turned out she was a realtor. then the dog and i were walking to the vet a few days later and we happened to walk past this house, which at the time was on the market for $160K+. i mused about how cute it was but a) we couldn't afford it and most importantly b) we weren't even looking for/particularly interested in a house. we had a 5 yr plan and we were on track to be able to save $25K-$30K for a nice down payment. then we could afford this neighborhood. long story short this house was purchase by the bank at a rock bottom price and we made an offer within days of that and BAM here we are. david took wednesday-friday of last week off and we painted and painted and detached this and hung that, assembled this and packed that. it was insane and exhausting but in those three days we painted our living room (filoli morning glory and urban sunrise), dining room (uhh can't remember the name of it), and olive's room one color (lilac).
living room colors
*not actual living room

dining room
this is a mock up of our dining room

by the third night we fell into bed exhausted. just in time to get up in the morning and Actually Move! somewhere in the move i lost my new texting phone and i am very sad about this because it was a present from david for my birthday.

my dog ran away yesterday. i clipped her in the backyard and maybe 20 minutes later i told augustine to let her in, he went to the back door, and the dog was just GONE. i am still clueless as to how she achieved this because she has no opposable thumb and the clip was somehow undone to release her. i frantically walked and finally drove around the neighborhood with a tub of peanut butter shouting for her. i even went back to our old apartment (5 streets over) and told the neighbors she might show up. our last stop was to our vet, which is within spitting distance of our house. SHE WAS THERE! she almost got hit on high street and the driver brought her in because they didn't know where else to take her. that worked out perfectly for us!

i have been reflecting, as i often do because i'm just That Kind of Person, about my life and what sticks out to me lately is that everything always works out for me. i can name dozens of times where i felt at the end of my rope or we were really in a financial pickle or were somehow in some need and the perfect solution fell right into my lap. when david graduated college but before he had his first real job we moved into an apartment and had nothing but time to kill after david had sent out all of his resumes and done interviews. we had no idea how we were going to make ends meet so being 21 we went on a road trip to kill time before phone calls rolled in. when we got to kansas we got a phone call that david had gotten a job, however he didn't start work for a few weeks and we had no money! when we came home a week or so later we found a check in our mailbox (a refund from unused tuition ??? for books) that took us exactly to david's first paycheck. every car we've bought, we drove exactly one car before we found what we were looking for. i am the type of person who finds $20 on the ground right after i've lost $10. God is so good. we had been diverting a few hundred dollars into savings each month (for the above mentioned 5 yr plan) but that has gone away now that we've bought the house. we are still within budget but now we will only be able to save around $20 into an account. well until today. david got a random raise that will allow us to sock away even more than we had been previously! have i mentioned that God is good? and that none of this is my doing?

yeah. it's on it's way and i feel so relieved that we are settled and 95% unpacked. i spent the entire day yesterday making treats to give away. i had ordered my brother some soap from etsy and yeah my dog ate them so i had to put my nose to the grindstone and knock out some candies he would enjoy. now i can just sit back and enjoy the last few days until christmas. also, david's sisters family is in town and i am SO EXCITED. i have four nieces, a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law that i love and rarely see!

Also, i made a Best of 2010 mix. give it a listen!

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Eva said...

wow, how exciting to buy a house! one of my dreams, though one that seems very far off!
so glad everything has/is working out just as it should :)