Monday, March 14, 2011

onward and upward

i find it oddly satisfying to weed through our budget (or in this case, have david do it) and work out our finances and set a savings goal for a project. that sounds rather geriatric but dude, it's the little things in life! we are starting to save to redo our front "lawn". i use quotation marks because it's quite small. but the retaining wall is crumbling and bowing towards the sidewalk and what yard there is is unlevel.

snowball fight
there is literally one more bush in front of the house and the yard ends.

so the plan would be to put in two levels, a redo the deck area, and add some freaking landscaping. and of course we want to do this ourselves, something that i am looking forward do as i've never participated in any kind of house project of this scale. painting doesn't count! i've got it all sketched out in my head though i'm going to ask my mother-in-law (hi jayne!) because she is a wizz at this kind of stuff.

also, augustine's teacher responded to my inquiry about him moving up to the first grade class for math. she said typically they wait until the kid is in third grade to test for giftedness and then start programs like that, which i can't really disagree with. she said a few others in his class are on par with him and they get into a group and she gives them harder work, which i was unaware of because i only see the homework sheets that come home and they seem impossibly easy for him. apparently they do a lot of math skills in that group that are not simply recorded on a sheet and sent home, which makes sense. i'm feeling better about it all now.

david is going to florida for three days at the end of march and i am very nervous about this. i do not do well alone, especially at night. especially for multiple days. i am going to plan something leisurely to do every one of those days and NOTHING stressful.
i shamefully have forgotten to brag on my husband. his work helped earned his company an award in advertising (think Mad Men). this is the image, click the "after" button to view his final work. DUDE CREATED DUST IN A SPOTLIGHT OUT OF THIN AIR.

i've been having obsessive, invasive thoughts again. i don't know if my medication isn't working as well or what but like, i will think of a song and a line from it will literally repeat ad nauseum. it is maddening and i've taken to wearing a rubber band on my wrist again. the thoughts are never bad or scary just annoying (as in the case of a song lyric). still, it's taking up more and more of my day trying to escape the single line repeating like a skipping record in my head. this is rather typical with my anxiety and rarely lasts more than a week or so and then it will go away for a long period.


Nathan and Aimee said...

I don't struggle with anxiety, but I do get phrases or lyrics stuck in my head for days. Usually it's some random name from a sci fi show, like Lani Tupu, reapeated over and over.

The spotlight with dust MADE that picture.


rachaeldear said...

jenny, i also have the 'invasive' thoughts... sometimes i will get a scene in my head and it will play over and over to the point of wincing or chills! funny thing is i've noticed it much more since i've stopped taking the pill...

jenny mae. said...

maddening right? GAH I HATE IT. the only way i know to make it stop is to use the rubber band or take an ativan. i suppose i could fall asleep too.

@rachael, interesting about the pill. i haven't taken HBC in quite a few years but i would definitely believe in a hormonal link