Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Olive's preschool picture
have i posted this? olive's preschool photo. it's pretty darling, right? little girls in pigtails kill me. olive has been experiencing a lot of growing pains in the last few months. the worst of it is over but from late December to early February she had them almost every day/night. it was so pitiful to watch her cry and she found no relief from anything but pain medicine. i measured the kids the week after we moved here and less than a month later olive had grown almost an entire inch. IN LESS THAN A MONTH. this photo was taken in early fall and i can see a noticeable difference in her height and transition into being more child-like.

we are working on some sleep issues with her. she is naturally defiant, shocking news i know! but particularly at night time she wanders around upstairs and "has to tell us something" every few minutes. a small part of it is that she wants to be with us but in general i think she just doesn't settle down well on her own. but on the flip side who has the time and energy to coddle an almost 4 yr old to sleep every night? no one here i know that. so this week we've started her back on doses of melatonin and of course it's working like a charm. this happens a few times per year and gradually we can wean her back onto sleeping without it.


Vicky said...

Sounds like my eldest. She tries every trick in the book to try and stall bedtime: needing a drink, taking forever to brush her teeth, needing to ask a "really important" question.

sanityseeker said...

oh so adorable. i remember growing pains in my knees as a kid and it was HORRIBLE.
love your blog, been reading for over a year now (longer??). can you expound (is that the right word?) on the melatonin dosage etc? we're dealing with a constant waker here and it's getting old, especially with nursing new babe all night long. thanks!

renee kristine said...

ooooh my goodness! I've been reading your blog since she was... i dont know, 1?! she's already a little lady! so darling!

jenny mae. said...

YES right? last night's "really important thing" was "i can make a diamond shape with my fingers. OMG GO TO BED CHILD!

we got some chewable lozenges from vitacost that are 2 mg each. our pediatrician recommended no more than 4 mg but 2 mg work perfectly fine for her. they are all natural.

she is growing like a weed for sure. unreal that she will be four in less than a month!

Vicky said...

I've nominated you for a Kreativ blogger award.