Monday, April 25, 2011

running & bees

for the last two weeks i have been working out 30-60 minutes on the treadmill 3-4x per week and not hating it. yesterday i would even say i enjoyed myself. week one i just stared at the wall and was bored out of my skull and i watched as the clock ticked by agonizingly slow. i think i did 30 minutes 2x that week. second week, IPOD! better but still boring and for the most part i still hated the experience because of the monotony. so now, week 3 i'm been hauling the computer downstairs and watching episodes of various tv shows and now i have reached treadmill nirvana. at the end of an hour i hardly notice that the time has gone by! im keeping my jogs under 4 mph and still doing a combo of walk-run but i can do a whole hour now without a problem. i finally feel hopeful that i can keep doing this!

holy week wrapped up this weekend with of course, easter. we went to a wonderful good friday service. i'm learning so much lately about and from God. that sounds cheesy but i feel like i've just been given a better understanding of a) what a messed up person i am b) that i can't undo my messed-up-ness on my own and c) that i shouldn't even try without Him. i can't believe our church would trust ME to lead someone else in study! lemme sit down over a cuppa tea and tell you how screwed up i am. but i've got to keep trying and listening and being Still and giving and receiving and loving. if i could boil my faith down to one idea right now it would be to just keep going towards God. i'm so far, far, far (did i mention FAR?) from where i should be. the conclusion of Lent now opens up the door to be back on facebook. let's see how long it takes before it gets me in trouble again by wasting time, etc.

we had a very full spring break and i am glad it is over. it will be nice to get back into a predictable routine. though i can't wait for them to be home all summer i also am partially dreading it because i don't know what we're going to do all day! i may have to buy a COSI or zoo pass to entertain ourselves. there is always a splash pad in powell & the easton fountains. i thought spring break was over today until i we went to the bus stop. literally my feet hit the bus stop and augustine says "oh yeah, school doesn't start again until tomorrow!"

i dug a small bed around our front porch and planted some sedum, sunflowers, and various wildflowers. i believe my neighbor is giving me some of their irises when they dig them up to put the fence in. I LOVE IRISES and i have no idea why i've never planted any. if we don't get the funds to redo the front yard (grade it into two levels and put in a new stone retaining wall) by next summer or so im going to just dig up the whole thing and plant flowers. also, i kind of hate it that the city technically owns the space between the street and the sidewalk. do not currrr. i think we're planning on planting a few blueberry bushes in that little corridor. otherwise it's just wasted space! it's clintonville so i think it's kind of a reasonable expectation that the neighborhood is just going to do little stuff like that.

the community garden is shaping up. we lost a few things to the weather and ruffians stealing fixtures from the rain barrels and uprooting trees and whatnot. we are being given a dozen sour cherry trees and a few dozen raspberry bushes (the latter from my in-laws!). these will replace the peach trees that were uprooted and the blackberry bushes that beefed it over the winter. now if only i had a few extra thousand dollars to do more projects like hiring a contractor to tap into the city water supply, make more raised beds, buy bulbs, mulch, and hire a steady person to mow the thing. ah, long term goals. the two new beehives were installed recently and i missed it sadly. this week our beekeepers will be checking the queens so hopefully i can be there for that. i'll take a picture of myself in a sweet beekeeper suit if i do.

finally, DOCTOR WHO STARTED ON SATURDAY NIGHT! it was glorious!


Vicky said...

I am enjoying my kids being back at school too and equally dreading the summer. How to keep all 3 of the m happy for 6 whole weeks... damn it'll be 4 of them by then!

Doom For Darlings said...

The last time I tried to watch something while I ran, the gym had the TV on Lifetime. They were showing The Hand That Rocked the Cradle. The remote was nowhere to be found, it was night, and I was alone in the room. I have not run since! Ha!

madelyn said...

Do you have a beekeeper who is devoted to this community garden? if so, how is it set up to where ruffians won't bother them, ect. is it fenced in?

jenny mae. said...

yes we have two certified beekeepers. it is not fenced off, just more off the beaten path sort of. the garden isn't in a heavily trafficked area though ruffians certainly could get to them easily. who would try to mess with two BEEHIVES though?! crazy folks?

madelyn said...

haha! I suppose so. Bees won't hurt you really unless your in their flight path or you bother them on a windy day... you don't even have to wear a jacket! :) But anyhoo, maybe your beekeepers will get lucky & get a call from some locals who are freaking out about a swarm of bees hanging out near their house!
FREE BEES = FREE HONEY!! woop woop!