Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Me gusta, No me gusta

meals for this week

Monday: potluck with friends
Tuesday: Taco Casserole
Wednesday: Vegetable Pizza
Thursday: Vegetable Beef Soup or Chili
Friday: Black Bean burgers & Sweet Potato fries
Saturday: Spinach Lasagna & salad
Sunday: Japanese Egg bowls

Augustine's school is doing a fun health and fitness week wherein you earn points for doing healthy things like eating 1/2 cup of beans (5 pts), eat dinner with the tv off (5 pts) have a candy free day (10 pts), etc. You also get points for how many minutes per day you are doing something active. im going to sound very snobby but none of this is even a challenge! How is eating breakfast something special!? The only one on the list that Augustine hasn't hit yet is a serving of fish and that is pretty much because I am the cook of the home and all seafood makes me projectile vomit (it's a texture thing) so I'm not likely to buy, prepare, and serve it to my family. Sup fish oils. The only difficult part of the campaign is that for 20 points (the highest item on the list) you have to be tv/video game free for an entire day. Augustine boasted that he wanted to go the entire week so uhh, here we go. I am not and never will be a "tv rots your brain" kind of mama. It's not great but dude, I work from home and I'm busy so whatevs. Augustine totaled up his points and in two days he already had 215. Secretly I hope he isn't maddened by the idea of not being in first place. This past fall he was one of the top 20 sellers (of random items from a catalog) and he won a limo ride/pizza party and I think that made a big impression on him. He also went door to door soliciting neighbors with his adorableness and he actually WORKED for it. It made me proud but it is also surprising because I don't consider myself very competitive and I don't feel like winning/losing affects me all that much. Same with David. Although I was a bit of an overachiever in school so...?

We went to the kick off event at his school on Saturday and I entered some of my cookies into a contest. The contest was to sneak healthy food into a dish. I made chocolate chip chickpea cookies and they were delicious. I don't think I won (we left early) but they were gone quickly and I saw I had a lot of votes. This was the sign on the food table and I tried to take a photo of it on the sly but it turned out blurry. Still funny though.
In the what?

While we were there I saw another parent from behind and she just looked so cute. Her outfit was well put together and stylish. I even ask her where she got her shoes and haircut. She turns around and it was my husband's ex girlfriend! And like we've been married, what, 9 years? I don't think that stuff will ever go away all the way. I know they didn't love each other so why am I all of a sudden walking different and making sure I'm acting smooth? NO ME GUSTA. I am jealous and a bit of a hypocrite. I mean if David came across my ex I doubt either of them would be acting smooth and confident.

In conclusion, we are all insecure and trapped in the past and caught up with the future and not focusing enough on the present moment. Let me rephrase that with *I* am insecure, *I* am trapped in the past, *I* am caught up with the future and not focusing enough on the present moment.

Also, I am not smooth. Nope, not possible.


Eva said...

ohh man, I would feel/act the same way if I saw my husband's ex. Mind you, she was crazy head-over-heels for him :/

madelyn said...

I would SERIOUSLY LOVE to be just like Allie on "The Notebook" when Noah's "lady friend" comes to the house... she invites her in and all was very sweet and awesome. I also SERIOUSLY DOUBT I would be like that. eh well, at least we're all being Real- that's what counts I suppose.