Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gardening and dogs

Me: *planting something in my yard*
My neighbor:

so i've paid for membership in a near-ish community garden. i get a 10x20 size plot to do whatever i wish with. the problem is that it's been raining here consistently for oh, two weeks? like POURING. to the point where out plot hasn't been tilled and prepared yet which means therefore that it's mid May and i haven't put anything in the ground yet.

normally, this would make me flip out with rage but imma just let it go because i can't control the weather so why get all fussy about it? what i can control in this world i feel i'm doing a pretty good job of managing: noses and counters are wiped, books are being devoured, quality time being spent with friends and my dear lover/friend, feeling connected to the here and now and the Above and Beyond. which reminds me, i've been listening to a fantastic jesuit podcast and am in love! so yes, i've decided to just practice intentionally not getting ruffled when things don't go my way or would in another season of life make me angry/cheated/sad/frustrated. from now on i'm going to go into zen mode, especially if it's something that i can't control. keep on giving up that illusion of control and all that kind of stuff.

if things keep going like this imma just keep digging up the front yard and add to the garden there. e
dible stuff i have planted in my yard now: 6 blueberry bushes, a strawberry patch, 3 raspberry bushes (more coming in two weeks), spinach, kale, tomatoes, stevia, thyme, two kinds of basil, two kinds of lavender, lemon balm, oregano, two kinds of rosemary, oregano, sage. i amthisclose to petitioning my brother (who has a truck and heavy duty chains) to come over and rip out the bushes in front of my house so we can plant some fruit trees.

the world will make a way for what needs to be done. and if it doesn't then it probably isn't that important. so breath it in, breath it out, breath through it.

another thing i'm intentionally just going to roll with and let go is that i fell in love with a dog at the dog park and it was being fostered. so for the last 2 weeks i've been trying to find said dog and start the adoption process. it is incredibly frustrating to attempt to find a totally random dog that you ran into once upon a dream at a park. well, we technically ran into him twice but still! besides posting a "hey you with the dog, remember me with the dog? let's talk!" sign and hanging out at the park, what else is there to do? there was a fostering event on sunday and we went. he wasn't there. i really feel whatevs about it (no really). HOWEVER, he looks like this:

so it's a pretty irksome that we can't find him. whatevs! if it's meant to be it will happen and if not i am out absolutely nothing. i've got a good thing going here.


Jenni, Jon, Benji and Lexi Clifton said...

Love the video. I so feel that way with one of our neighbors. She just appears every time I'm outside.

megatron said...

Aw, a frenchie! I hope you can find him! My friend has a french bulldog and she is sooo cute!

madelyn said...

If you don't mind my askin, what do you do when something goes wrong (from your pov) and you feel the need to control something?

jenny mae. said...

i constantly want to control situations, im a human afterall. maybe not CONTROL in a bad way but not let things feel or be out of my control. does that make sense?

it takes active effort to chill out sometimes and just tell myself "dude, chill out! this doesn't matter!" or i remind myself that if i can't control things than there's nothing i can do so why get upset?

madelyn said...

yeah that makes sense, like when things feel out of your hands. I have a bad habit of losing my temper and was just wondering what you did or HOW you actually manage to deal with stuff out of your control. I am trying to find something to help :)