Monday, May 23, 2011

great scores

i am kind of tempted to start photo documenting some of the delicious deals ive been scoring lately at the thrift store. a few months ago i decided i was kind of sick of how i looked. how that i looked like some scag but well, i just never felt like i looked "pulled together" if that makes sense. i've been going thrifting every two weeks or so and add to that clothing swaps and friends giving me clothes and i feel like i've got a whole new wardrobe going recently.


vest: $6
jeans: free from a clothing swap
tshirt: $4.99 from forever xxi
shoes: free from a friend

that's an entire outfit for $11! and i've been getting more compliments than normal on my wardrobe. to which i'm surprised (because i equate spending money with looking good no doubt) but more often than not i'm like umm yes, i think you're right. this outfit does look kind of cute! (am i allowed to say an outfit i put together is cute? sue me.)

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