Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day wrap up

grayson & auggie
this weekend augustine had his friend grayson sleep over. his dad ryan is single-fathering it while wifey, Kat, is in germany having a rad time. so i think he needed a little break and we were happy to step up and have some bro hang time. this meant going to bed at 11 (whereas augustine usually goes to bed at 8) and getting up at 6 (where augustine usually sleeps in until 7), no naps, lots of lego star wars on the wii and LOTS OF PLAYTIME. by 10:30 olive was wasted tired and i laid her down for a nap, kicking and screaming but within minutes she was knocked out. grayson and augustine went with david to see a movie, otherwise i feel augustine's head would have exploded without any down time.

for fathers day we went out for fathers day to katzinger's deli with our lovely friends nick & beth and their little dude jack. katzingers probably had 80 different sandwiches on their menu and none of ours disappointed! then we went to tigertree and went shopping. (david and i both got some new toms).

sidebar: i tried on some of the new wedge toms. WANT.

i stole away and napped for 2 hours until david woke me up with a snuggle. we played more lego star wars and puttered around until dinner time, where we went to marysville to eat with my parents. MEXICAN YES! it's so nice hanging out with family. i got my dad some civil war books for fathers day but didn't get much of anything for david.

& also, i'm getting my haircut today like this!


LRC said...

Ohh the details! What movie did the boys go see? How are TOMS? (I hear good things but have yet to see for myself. Actually, I have read a lot of poor reviews on Amazon...)

Eva said...

I've been desiring those TOMS wedges too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you forgive the arrogance of this comment, but I've been reading your blog off and on for a few years now. Your daughter was just a baby when I stumbled upon her birthing video, and consequently your blog.

I respect you and your husband more than you can know, and I truly hope that doesn't sound creepy coming from a person you've never met. You embody so many of the traits and habits that I struggle with, that I hope to raise my children with, that I want to dedicate my life to. Thank you for being a good role model to me.

I write to you now because I read a book over the weekend that made me think of you over and over again --Surprised by G-d, by Danya Ruttenberg. While she is Jewish like me, the points she made about faith and community and the struggles and vulnerabilities of being yourself reminded me of you, and your Faith, and your conception of your Purpose (at least as I, internet stranger, perceive it.) There is a nice collection of snippets from essays and journals of the Sages of all religions, struggling to be the best servants of G-d they could be, that the book is almost worth the collection of quotes itself (in my opinion.) In the off chance you do not already have a list a mile long of books you are wanting to read, it may be of interest to you.

I pray all is well with you and your family.

jenny mae. said...

@LRC they went to see Rango. They loved it. I have had a few pairs of TOMS and they are SUPER comfortable but seriously lack in arch support and durability. They usually last a year (which to me isn't all that long but maybe I'm just cheap!?)

@Eva The wedges were super comfortable, which I don't always associate with heeled shoes of any elevation.

@mikvahbound WOW! what sweet, thoughtful compliments! I am always on the hunt for new, good books! (And I def don't perceive your comments as creepy! I've come across many people and blogs online that I've feel a particularly sweet, REAL connection to.

madelyn said...

mullet time! lol If only I were as adventurous as you with my do!