Thursday, June 09, 2011


Vegetable lo mein or cthulhu?
vegetable lo mein or cthulhu?

olive and i are a bit sick. i am "under the weather" but she's been throwing up off and on for the last two days. she came into our room at 2 am and had thrown up in a puke bowl in her bed but it didn't contain it all, or it had spilled. oh there is nothing like the sour, awful stench of vomit. poor kid. and the girl interrupted an exciting dream that i was guest starring on doctor who! UNFORGIVABLE!


Vicky said...

Hope you feel better soon. x

Lisa said...

The real question is... Cthulhu or Ood?

"It's an Ood! Love an Ood."


jenny mae. said...


L said...

This is just cute!