Wednesday, June 01, 2011

summer splash


tomorrow is augustine's last day of kindergarten. i am quite tempted to say something cliche like "i can't believe it!" or "time is going so fast!" but umm yes to all of the above. a few weeks ago we went rollerskating and he showed a non-little-child confidence that made my stomach flutter a little. after a few turns he no longer desired to hold my hand and got so wrapped up in the fun that we all drifted apart. i sat on the side and watched him for quite a while. his face was so confident and full of joy. no moar babby boy.

yesterday was a HOT 95 degrees and i couldn't bear the idea of cooking anything so i went to the store and bought $50 worth of produce and am now beginning my yearly diet of sweet tea, watermelon, and popsicles.

i've decided to not weigh myself for the next year. which isn't some grand gesture or commentary on my self-image. i just really like the trajectory i am on right now with my health and body right now and i don't want to introduce anything else like weighing myself into the equation. i've been working out 3-4 times per week for a month or two now and it's really showing on my body i think. i'm feeling more calm, sleeping wonderfully, and my legs are getting toned. also, while i'm talking about body stuff, since i've been on celexa (late summer-fall) i've gained 5 or so pounds. it's not that the medication does anything by way of making my viciously hungry at all hours, but rather it has taken away the anxiety i had about eating too much in public (which made me feel like i was going to vomit). that stress has completely evaporated and so those 5 pounds are a major victory over my anxiety!

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