Sunday, July 17, 2011

harry potter dinner party

okay guys, im going to REALLY fly my geek flag here and tell you that i'm going to be having a harry potter themed dinner party this friday night, with a trip to the theater to see the final movie afterward. I AM TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS! my lovely sister in law let me borrow a harry potter cookbook and it is not only filled with amazing recipes but is very well organized. it goes through and not only tells you which book the recipe is from but tells background information on the recipes themselves. the only downside is no pictures, which i love about cookbooks. so this party: i've decided to make one dish from each of the 7 books in the harry potter series. the menu is as follows:

Sorcerer’s Stone
Buttered Peas

Chamber of Secrets
Shepherd’s Pie

Prisoner of Azkaban
Sweet Orange Marmalade with bread

Goblet of Fire
Double Strawberry Ice Cream

Order of the Phoenix
Herb Roasted Chicken

Half-Blood Prince
Chicken and Mushroom Pies & Meat and Potato Pies

Deathly Hallows
Kreacher’s French Onion Soup

Pumpkin Juice
Proper Tea


FoR tHe LoVe Of RoCkEtS!! said...

woo!!! raise your geek flag girl!!! and I am super jealous the new harry potter has not hit theaters here sad panda face

xoxo Izzy ^V^ said...

I know this post is from July, and im being a total creep-o re-reading all your post that I missed. But this cookbook is so awesome!!!