Wednesday, August 24, 2011

two for the price of one

marc jacobs shorts!

guys i can't stop taking pictures of all of my thrifted outfits! i mean i am SERIOUS when it comes to thrifting. i love the thrill of digging through endless racks of clothes and finding an item that i love. i usually go shopping twice a month or so i'd say and for the price of a single item at say, H&M i can get a cart full of goodies at the thrift store.

this week i went with two amazing friends amber and chelsea and i scored:

a beautiful, plaid bow tie
a plaid jumper
4 pairs of colorful or patterned tights
a pair of black, suede oxford shoes
a headscarf
leg warmers
gingham button up (that fits like it was made for me)
purple, leather high-waisted skirt

(the above pictured yellow shorts retail for $198 and i practically stole them!)


Mrs. Conway said...

Hi Jenny,
I don't know if you remember me; we met a few times back when you were living in Dayton. This is going to sound so weird I'm sure but I recently found your blog... to me it seems to be quite pivotal considering I have referenced some of your parenting choices as my husband and I are currently family planning. I have at times thought back to some of your old lj posts about cloth diapering or natural birth and wham I found this! I guess that it is actually flattering that 6 years later you made that big of an impact with some of your posts. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

Danielle said...

Amazingly cute outfits! I love thrifting too. The end result is such an incredible feeling.

jenny mae. said...

Victoria I definitely remember you!

For The Love of Rockets said...

hey I have a question you are a great mom and I really need to ask how do you disipline your child?? my daughter has been throwing these huge fits if we tell her no or if she has to go to bed and today she kicked me in the arm and I am so fustrated I just don't know what to do anymore i spanked my daughter for the first time today it wasn't hard and i didn't know what else to do and it felt wrong and i never want to do it again so can you give me some pointers on what to do i know it is alot to ask but everyone i know just tells me to spank her and i really don't want to!
crystal ann

Carly said...

Teach me your ways!

jenny mae. said...

@crystal ann - we have had great success with using techniques from dr. sears discipline book. have you heard of it? it's definitely worth a look and is widely available. library?

@carly - the key is finding a good thrift store and dedicating a lot of time to digging through lots of racks. also, know what looks good on you. i am good at looking at something and just knowing it will fit me so it saves me a lot of time.

For The Love of Rockets said...

Thank you so much!! It really means alot to me