Friday, October 14, 2011


david's busy season is upon us, and has been since september i suppose. i don't want to get into it but he works 15 hours a day 6 days a week usually. SCA-REW DAT. but oddly our marriage is still rock solid and we aren't at each others throats and falling into passive aggression to get out point across. so this is what 9 years of marriage has brought us! i love that man. i was reminded of this when recently our 10-years-since-he-proposed occurred. i remember so vividly wanting to marry him since i was 15 years old and cried and of course said an ecstatic yes but shortly thereafter felt a sharp thumping in my chest that told me i would ruin his life with my baggage. gosh i was young and egotistical to think that my issues could RUIN someones life. if anything it's made us stronger oddly enough.

crick in my neck
i've been laid up in bed with a crick in my neck for two days. yesterday i was literally in bed so long that i read an entire book! ice pack + aleve are mah friends. olive laid in bed with me and fed me ice cream. she said "just click your teeth and open your mouth and i'll know you want a bite!" (because i couldn't turn my head to retrieve a bite from her). good grief my children are sweetums.

i am actively planning my 30th birthday party in december. we've rented a party space, got the menu from the catered nailed down, and i am of course trying to plan the perfect party mix. i am waffling on what direction to take it. "royal tenenbaums threw a party" type music of "upbeat shake your hips" sound. decisions, decisions. the menu is SO ME so far. junk food + comfort food ahoy!

oz at the pumpkin patch

beautiful park
fall is here and it is beautiful! warm but crisp and the leaves are of course so lovely in ohio. this is the peak week here and i just want to take pictures of everything! im not much of a photographer but yes, so much beauty in every corner of my eye. we went to a pumpkin patch + apple picking recently. we now have 40 lbs of delicious apples (melrose + suncrisp) that we crunch on all day every day. some jerk vandalized one of our pumpkins by spray painting it. WHO DOES THAT?

wonder woman
halloween costume! augustine is going to be indiana jones, his new obsession.

beautiful sunrise or sunset. i can't remember

i mean shut up with those beautiful lashes!

snippet of our fridge. life is good

olive has two major loves right now. her hoard of little toy elephants and her dollhouse


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh my gosh, for the past few days my neck has been killing me too. no fun! hope you are feeling better. loving all of these pictures!!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!
I can't wait until Adam and I have nine years of marriage under our belt. We've been struggling a bit with maintaining gentleness as our baseline together since we are both spread rather thin at the moment. I know we'll get back there soon.
I hope your birthday party goes well! I look forward to seeing pictures of that too. And I hope your neck feels better soon, that sounds so miserable.

Madi said...

Hope that your neck is much better now. Love the pictures. I'm waitting the cold to come here in Spain, we're having the hottest fall in the last 60 years.

those kids are amazing, how sweet is Olive taking care of her mum. Congrats for your 10 years!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'm so hungry. and that cupcake is not helping! ;)

madelyn said...

my older brother William went through the Indiana Jones stage when we were young... he would seriously inquire, "Mom? Why didn't you name me Abner Ravenwood??" hahah..........
ps. you guys are so cool

Queen Bee said...

So we're not the only ones whose kid has an elephant stash! I don't dislike this interest you know, but have you stepped on one of those in the dark? Oy.

There's a reason mammoths went extinct. ;)

jenny mae. said...

@queenbee FOR REAL! aaah!