Monday, October 24, 2011

thrifty but not inexpensive finds

i realized by going through some of my older entries noted "thrifty finds" that i might give the impression that i only shop at thrift stores. which it's true that MOST of my clothes come second hand through clothing swaps or thrift stores i definitely splurge once in a while on some things. example: this weekend there was a huge reduction sale for a dozen or so fabulous stores in the short north (which is a very trendy, shopping/nightlife district here in columbus). sale items were up to 90% off!! david, my bff aaron, and i paid $5 and got in early and tore through the 10,000 sq/ft warehouse getting deals. here's what i came out with

new dress

another new dress

dear creatures skandia dress. regularly $135. got it for $45!
jeffrey campbell be-well shoes. regularly $150. got them for $75!
dress, $15!

new closet!
also! my husband made me a new closet!!


Anonymous said...

You have got the cutest clothes! Congrats on finding them at insanely low prices! And I must ask, my oh my where did you get your shower curtain? It's adorable!

jenny mae. said...


Lori said...

i love all of your finds, so amazingly awesome that they were not that expensive!