Tuesday, November 22, 2011

guide my eyes

teacher conferences
augustine was tested for giftedness in math at school. i feel weird saying this because it doesn't seem very much in line with my parenting style/personality but i am freaking pumped! i spoke with this teacher at conferences last week and he is now allowed to work on special programs during what is otherwise just computer time. see, david has a strong disposition for engineering and mathematics in his family but oh, baby not in mine. my genes however bring a love and pride in learning new things. i feel like our genes combined might produce some very capable children. im very smart in other areas but math, not so much. which is why i've drilled augustine with numbers since he showed any sort of propensity for it (kindergarten). im kind of scared that either of our children will inherit our negative, intellectual-related things: david's lack of enthusiasm for working on getting good grades, my sense of goofing off at school, etc.

a major development has happened in augustine's life. we have lost his lovey! i feel confident that it is here in our house somewhere but where is anyone's guess. i literally dream about it every few nights and i bound out of bed and see if it really is where my dream told me it would be. nay. lovey never leaves the house unless he is sleeping over at someone's home and he went missing last thursday sooo... it's kind of stressful as you can imagine. probably more on me because i am sentimental and all that, but augustine asks for it every night. the guy has slept with it every night since he was 3 months old! i feel silly but i pray that my mind and eyes would be directed to find it like a million times per day.

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