Friday, December 09, 2011

turning 30, weezer

trial run of party make up
hey i turned 30 this week. tomorrow night we're having a big birthday party, complete with junk food themed catering and desserts. I AM STOKED! i've got myself a pretty new dress and shoes, my friend chelsea is making a matching headband? bow? i've been studying make up tutorials on pinterst to find one i wanted to use for the night. i settled on this one (minus the heavy eyeliner because that isn't my style) and the above picture is my trial run of it complete with FAKE EYELASHES. they are not nearly so dramatic when my eyes are open i swear. so yes, 30. some people get weird about certain birthdays but meh, it's seriously nothing but good stuff for me. the 20s are too full of TRYING and searching and i'm anticipating my 30s being more BEING if that makes sense.

have i mentioned we're going on a cruise? a rock n' roll cruise no less! our 10 year anniversary is next year and this is going to be our splurge (even though our anniversary is in june and the cruise is in january). there are going to be 20 bands! WEEZER! DINOSAUR JR.! SEBADOH! THE ANTLERS! check out this video.

they are having an 80s prom night, ugly sweater contest, belly flop competition, rivers cuomo is doing a reading from him book, we get to see weezer play twice, meet them & have our picture taken with them, not to mention go to mexico. ALSO! one of david and i's current favorite tv show is the amazing race and they have an on-shore version of that for cruise members to do while in mexico! i'm only slightly excited to get my picture taken with BRIAN BELL! also today happens to be his birthday. so in the spirit of cruising i'm going to have to get into a bathing suit so i am on my first diet. it's basically as low carb and low sugar as i can bear. yesterday i had just a cup of tea with one lump of sugar in it, which is saying a lot. i'm running 3-4 times per week and lifting weighs at least once a week. my only goal is to get rid of my little belly flub and really, it's small so whatever. but the cruise is in mid january and i don't want to get more flubbery with holiday noms so in between holiday celebrations i'm on a diet. i went to the grocery store yesterday and bought 10 pineapples, 2 bags of apples, 4 peppers, a sack of green beans, 1 bag of pears, 10 lbs of clementines, 4 tubs of strawberries, 1 lb of walnuts, 1 lb of almonds, a salad mix, 10 lbs of sweet potatoes, 5 lbs of yellow potatoes, and 3 tubs of low fat cottage cheese. this, along with eggs, will be my diet indefinitely. i'm not looking to get crazy with this but if i'm going to be meeting weezer and hanging out in a bathing suit i want to look good.

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Madi said...

The cruise looks great!!!! 30 with two adorable kids and lovely husband is a thing to be proud of! Good luck with the diet, I'm starting in two weeks, I've got for my own 5 kilos that my girl left me...I think it's time to let them go, haha. Happy birthday to you!