Thursday, March 01, 2012

sick panda

sad panda
saddest photo ever. yesterday augustine came home from school and we went to the park with a group of friends because it was positively gorgeous outside. sidebar: what is going on with this weather!? it was 70 yesterday! in ohio! in winter! im still holding out for snow. ANY SNOW. so he ate a light snack and was chasing the neighbor girls around but a few minutes later said he felt kind of sick to his stomach. i thought maybe he had just eaten then run and it had given him a cramp or something. 10 minutes later he said he wanted to go home. i gave him some peppermint oil and doused his stomach area with digestzen (which has ginger, peppermint, terragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise). he said it helped him relieve some stomach pressure but he still felt sick. i gave him a bath with some relaxing oils in it and he just looked like a wet dog laying in the water. the inevitable was upon us! PUKE FEST. but he really listened to his body the whole time and all of it made it into bowls. i made him a little bed next to our bed and he slept there all night. poor little duder.

he's home from school today, resting and listening to a lot of beatles while laying in bed playing his ds.

ETA: ah look at this other very sad photo of a 3 yr old augustine feeling sick!


lflips said...

Poor kid, there has been a lot of that going around lately. Is he feeling better?

jenny mae. said...

see latest entry :(