Thursday, May 17, 2012

mudder's day

mother's day was great. in the past this (and my birthday/our anniversary) has been a huge source of division between david and i. i came from a home where every celebration was over the top and you felt especially special on those days. well david, coming from a home that was significantly more low key, naturally struggled to live up to the precedent set by my family when we got married. this year and the immediate past two mother's days david has hit in on the head. he and augustine both have figured out my "language" i think. augustine made a coupon book for very meaningful things to be like "this coupon entitles you to sleep in more" or "helping you clean the house on sunday." i got all choked up and snuggled into his lions man.

for the past 4-5 months now i have tried to more closely observe Sabbath on sundays. the main thing is that we watch no television and i do no cleaning. well i mean if the dog pees on the floor obviously im going to clean that up, but beyond that sort of thing, nada. this sounded like a great idea until i quickly realized how trashed the house gets even after just one day of passivity. monday we host a dinner and bible study for a dozen or so people so O M G has mondays become a source of dread for me. not only do i get back to my job but i have to clean a wrecked house and cook at least part of a meal (we potluck for dinner). oy vey so many times i've wanted to just chuck the idea of not cleaning on sundays but umm that is sort of the point of the exercise. so augustine expressing his understanding of that situation and offering a coupon to help clean on sundays, oh dang i cried!

david got me a nook color for mother's day, let me sleep in on saturday, and we all went out to dinner. it was a great, relaxing weekend. obviously the children have commendered the nook already, playing games on it and watching netflix. no bigs, i still have 4-6 physical books checked out from the library so i don't NEED digital books just yet. still, i am SO EXCITED about being able to say, go camping and take all of my books with me and not have to hermione granger it all the time. this is my own personal undetectable extension charm i guess

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