Thursday, May 24, 2012

Times they are a' changin


Trains 2012

i am on the cusp of entering a new phase of my life. a life without children at home! this fall augustine will be in 2nd grade and olive will enter kindergarten. i am kind of excited to see how it shakes out. i mean, let's be real it will be fine! i imagine getting all of my work done in a timely manner (WHAT?), errands run, meals cooked, house better cleaned, etc. obvs im going to treat myself to the occasional nap, let's just be honest. i will however also be taking on a more active role in helping out with our church too. i know they need someone to regularly come in an help clean the office, file papers, organize this or that small thing.

i must admit i am slightly melancholy about the whole thing though in some ways too. i love raising children. i enjoy the daily routine (LOL) of figuring out how to navigate life with a little one in tow. my dad said that once olive got into school i'd be begging david for another baby. i admit i took a bit of offense to this, as if kids are some sort of diversion? meh. but if im honest i feel a little bit of that pull. not a lot, but a little more than i have ever felt about a third. however david is D-O-N-E, done with having more so whatever. it's not such a passionate feeling that it would come between us though if he had a change of heart i'd seriously consider it.

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