Friday, June 15, 2012

Snippets of Summer


we are in full swing of summer in our home. i have so far managed to balance working from home and being at home with two children. i am blessed that my kids are not high maintenance. well no more high maintenance than any other 5 and 7 yr old. i look back at my early parenting and feel like such a spaz. do i care how much tv they watch? sure. do i need them to entertain themselves quite a bit while i work from home? YES. i restrict a bit sure, but when it is a work day i kind of let them run feral and intervene only when i have to. so far this week we have done something fun every single day, but today it is nose-to-the-grindstone-work-day. monday was a movie then an afternoon playing in the sprinkler. tuesday we went to SuperGames, which is one of my favorite places to play in Columbus. wednesday we went to Recreations Outlet then lunch with more friends. i'm blanking on what we did yesterday but it was more fun.

olive has discovered that she is quite adept at climbing trees all of a sudden. here is a picture of her at around 30-40 feet. i am probably on the high end of normal when it comes to giving my kids freedoms, especially physical ones. i do not discourage them at all from exploring what their bodies are capable of. however this did get my blood pumping a bit, seeing her sooo high. i did it to myself though by telling olive a story about climbing trees when i was a kid. so naturally she climbed up and shouted down "OH YEAH! DID YOU EVER CLIMB THIS HIGH?" in her true dauntless spirit. oy with the poodles already.

one of my greatest friends jamie has moved out of the country, to the Philippians, to study midwifery with Mercy in Action. ugh my heart is hurting. she is such a source of kindness, prayer, love, support, and friendship in my life. i like to feel we have a good circle of that going between us. our youngest children were born within an hour of each other and kind of act like twins. sunday was their going away party at a friend's farm. we had a great time but i'm still kind of reeling from her departure.

two other nuggets, before i've got to get back to work. i got new glasses! we have never had vision insurance until this month so i pounced on the opportunity to get an updated look and prescription. oddly enough just days before our insurance kicked in both david and i's glasses bit the dust! thankfully david was able to repair mine to a passable usability until my new frames came in. i really like them!

second nugget - my husband is very handsome

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