Monday, July 31, 2006

my husband rules

we go to church on saturday night (our church is enormous and has 4 services per weekend you can go to) anyways so sunday he worked in the nursery while i laid around the house by myself, mostly sleeping and watching bad tv. it was heavenly. im really starting to feel that first trimester exhaustion and im not even 6 weeks yet!

anyways so he comes home with auggie and im feeding aug lunch and he goes out to the car and brings in all these bags for me. he stopped at kroger and got me all of the food i was craving from my pregnancy with augustine. he is so thoughtful and into this pregnancy. i just about cried!!

turkey bacon
dried cherries
my favorite cereal + milk
garlic chicken voila meal
two marie callendar thanksgiving-type meals
two tubs of ice cream
a case of dasani water
and umm... a bag of cool ranch doritos which was at the time umm... indisposed at the time of the photograph.


1 comment:

Aunt Bean said...

This food looks delicious! If I am now craving these items, does that make me pregnant?! Josh told me not to touch any babies...he says that's how it happens...
Your hubby is top-notch!