Monday, January 22, 2007

God and equations

i know God is pretty darn smart, but i think He kind of stinks at equations. this dawned on me today when i was at the library with augustine and he ran from me (and ran, and ran, and kept running from me) while i was trying to check out. i started thinking "ok my belly gets bigger as time goes by and thus i get slower. during that same time augustine gets bigger and thus faster. how does that make any bit of sense?" so my conclusion is that God just stinks at equations. don't worry God, i do too.

(of course i dont really think God stinks at anything, duh)

also interesting article:
Triplets born at home in bismarck north dakota

see! multiples doesnt mean csection folks! actually i was reading in i believe Birthing from Within this week about the first csection in which the mother and child both survived. im paraphrasing here but basically i think it was some farmer who performed one on his wife in the 1500s. she went on to have like six more children, including one set of twins, obviously without drugs or intervention. horray for our bodies! my midwife has delivered a few sets of twins. she said it was amazing.

why do i continue to haul too much wood inside at once. i have a little conscience sitting on my shoulder saying "no more than three logs at once" but on the other one, one saying "but then you'll have to trudge out in the snow twice as much!". extra back rubs tonight it is. see this is me stinking at equations. too much wood hauling makes for one unhappy pregnant-back

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