Tuesday, January 30, 2007


yeah! david taught augustine his first color! (black)

the other night i went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 7:15 am. augustine wasn't even awake yet! but of course i was buzzing around like a bee with lots of energy. gesh i should sleep 12 hours every night! i'd get so much done each day and without tea or coffee. i was.so.tired that night and i felt a little nauseated. david told me to just lie down which i did, intending to get up to say goodnight after auggie's bath (which ends near 8). somehow i woke up around 10 pm and i knew i was tired because i fell asleep with my socks on. i think i woke up because i was afraid david would forget to take the bread out of the breadmaker (he didnt). walked downstairs, kissed david, ate a piece of string cheese, then was out for the rest of the night again.

i think i need an intervention. i never had nesting urges with augustines pregnancy and now all of a sudden the last two weeks or so im like a bee on crack buzzing around the house cleaning things in an out-of-character sort of way. i enjoy cleanliness but ive never been one for orderliness. i swear our two bathrooms are now cleaner than the day this house was built! it started off innocently enough - i just felt like i wanted to reorganize the linen closet, which turned into me anal retentively insisting that all of the towels have creases going the same direction and meticulously lined up. (let's hope i dont start rearranging them by color...) so far in the last week ive swept the kitchen floor three times, bathrooms twice, then washed (by hand) the bathrooms and kitchen floors, washed the bathtub, sinks, counters, toilets, vaccumed the whole house including behind the couch, (heck i even vacuumed the couch itself several times!), washed pillows, rearranged augustines furniture, rotated toys, hauled wood a billion times, cleaned out the fireplace, and washed the cabinets. i repeat - i think i need an intervention. haha

david feels i am nesting this time because we are doing a homebirth. uhh but not for like 8 +/- weeks! why is this hitting so soon?

best part of our day was rearranging his room and finding a new order for our books.

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