Monday, January 15, 2007

God speaks

God talked to me today. i mean He does everyday but for some reason i feel a weight on my fingers pressing me to write about it. like someone needs to read this (self included naturally). if this particularly applies to you i'd love to talk to you about it and pray for you. shoot me an email.

i was putting away some of olive's clothes and i was thinking about how there is no part of my home that i am not allowed to go into. every nook and cranny is at my disposal. same with david. we own this house and it is ours and that means that we have ownership of every brick and window. after smiling about this the next thought was do i allow God into every brick and window of my life? long ago i gave up the keys to my life and have been blessed in countless ways since. blessed does not translate to only good things. thats the paradox of the christian life. it doesnt mean i strap my little jesus onto my agenda-rocketship and attempt to blast off in some direction of my own doing, rather i am now the passenger on this journey. i am more the rocket and he is more the driver and engine and fuel and well...everything besides the vessel. so because long ago i signed over the deed to this heap of bones and skin i need to continually self examine my Inner self and ask whether i have given up control of this or that.

when you buy a house the former owner cannot rent out rooms to others...

my current favorite old school hymn:
johnny cash - the old account

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