Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a challenge, an appointment

david is challenging me, as a good man, spouse, and christian should. i feel we have been living inside one brain lately. multiple times in the last few days he has said things and i have been simultaneously thinking the same. last night for example we sat down and prayed with augustine before bed. that seems like such a duhh thing to have already been doing but we havnt been until now. i pray for the little guy every day but he needs to SEE us pray (and read books ill add too) and pray with us together. when david said "thank you Jesus for lovey, and monster trucks, and chocolate milk, and a mommy and daddy who love me..." augustine roared chocolate milk! with glee. it was very sweet and innocent.

anyways so the challenge that came down this morning was that he is interested in selling our car (01 jetta wagon) and using said money to get a new car that would free us from a car payment. more specifically probably a mid-90s volvo wagon. (example) it's all part of the life that we not only feel is practical but is honestly commanded of us as christians -- simply and within our means, without ego, communally, and continually to bring glory to God. with no car payment we would be more free to financially support our church, which we have been lax in doing for almost a year now. my human brain resisted the idea because i love my jetta. which is in hindsight the stupidest reason to get, own, and keep a car or any other object. i want my life to be one that reflects Jesus and He definitely didn't teach slavery to materialism or ego. so it looks as though we are getting rid of my beloved jetta.

tonight is my in-home midwife appointment. im jazzed! Maggie is coming too, as anyone who potentially could be there for the birth should be at this appointment. i dont even know what to expect at tonights appointment. we did end up setting up the crib already. sunday we had planned to do a trial run with setting it up just to make sure there were no parts missing or anything, well once it was up i fell in love with it and now it's sitting next to my side of the bed indefinitely. we will co-sleep until who knows when, then she'll use the crib - which presently is set up with only three sides up so it can be sidecar-ed to my side of the bed. auggie patted it and said "nigh nigh" and when i asked him who was going to go night night in it he said "da div!". for some reason i think the last few weeks it has really clicked with him that we will be having a baby soon. thank God! i was so worried i shouldnt talk in the past tense though to be honest. i really want him to be okay with this and build a strong loving bond with olive right off the bat. time will tell...

oh and this is the fabric for david and i's new curtains. hoot hoot!

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