Monday, March 05, 2007

best parts of my day so far:

- successful potty learning. not 100% of the time but i see how even attempting to go builds such confidence in auggie. we're about 60% with it all, not that we are pushing it. little sisters have a way of undoing such things when they make their way onto the scene. but im just happy that he's doing his thing with confidence. i try to remind him and praise him for what he did a few times throughout the day. ill say "what did you do on the potty today?" and he'll reply with his version of "looked at truck magazines!" oy. he's such a boy...

- two hour naps. YES! much needed when you're this pregnant.

- augustine when he goes into "invisible mode". he gets into a toddler mood and doesnt want to do this or that and slowly backs up into a corner (vortex, blackhole, etc.) and i pretend i cant see him. it snaps him right out of a bad mood! what's so funny is that i'll start going is augustine in the hamper? is augustine in the trash can? is augustine in the refrigerator? while walking around peeking into various places. i usually hear from the invisable corner no mama until he comes out and laughs.

- sitting at the bottom of the stairs and throwing the ball up. counting how many times it hits on it's downward descent and laughing our heads off if/when it smacks on of us. then we get to talk about where it hit us. did it hit mama in the arm? no. did it hit mama in the belly? no. did it hit mama in the head? YES!!

- talking about olive a lot. thinking about her even more

- random emails blessing me to an indescribable degree. can i bring you some food after she is born? and many manyi am praying for you!'s

- somehow everything tastes better when you drink it out of an owl.

- mimicking games. we walk around the house like he's my little mirror - shaking and jiggling and squawking. that is his favorite game (besides making ramps out of our couch cushions to ramp his monster truck off of and having easter egg hunts i think)

- cooking. even if its something simple i get a lot of joy from it. im trying my best not to make ANOTHER main course today as our fridge is stocked with all kinds of stuff that really should be eaten up first. but.. but.. but.. i want to make a chicken pot pie and cherry granola bars darn it!

- sitting with anticipation looking at our birthing tub that is parked in the corner of our living room. we set it up yesterday and i just sat in it (without any water in it) with excitement thinking about how amazing it was to how such a "sacred" object in my own home (that has helped bring so many babies into the world). im not anxious to be done pregnant but i simply cannot wait to experience birth again. it is *such* an amazing blessing to be a woman and get to go through something so cool.

sidebar: i made granola bars this weekend for david (his with peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chunks mine will be made with almonds, dried cherries + blueberries, and sunflower seeds) with a recipe similar to the one that my childhood friend nicole made up. they are THE JAM! i added 1/4 cup of wheat germ and flaxseeds though. mm... i really think i could make these very regularly.

oh and our house is silly

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gerry said...

This is was really nice to read...thanks for this wonderful post..and i do hope everything goes well with you...and since Easter is also approaching slowly i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!