Friday, February 02, 2007

had a midwife appointment tonight. i just love kathy. i could type that every appointment i have with her i think. anyways weight is up 4 lbs. (134 lbs), hemocrit/hemoglobin was great as well (which basically is my iron levels which are good to assess before birth), blood pressure was great 110/80something er other. our next appointment is at 36 weeks and it's AT OUR HOUSE. that will be so so real to me that we are close to the end. im so very happy that we dont go every two weeks just because. though i think our plan is to go every two weeks after 36 weeks perhaps. she said we'd play it by ear based on if we were monitoring anything (which at this point we arent naturally) at this point with augustine i had only gained 16 lbs. and now im up to 18 lbs with olive. (we high-fived about it!) most men don't high-five their wives when they gain weight, but in our family - we do. small victories, small victories. im anticipating olive still being a little sprout like her brother, but slightly bigger. not that there is anything true about weight estimation late in pregnancy (even with the use of ultrasounds), but just palpating my belly Kathy estimated her to be about 4 lbs. now. im shooting for a 6 and a half pounder this round i think. only time will tell. my fundal height was (surprise!) lacking, lagging behind at 28 cms. for non-preggos fundal measurements are basically the distance between the bottom and the top of the uterus. oddly the number in centimeters should equal the number of weeks pregnant a woman is. (see, God does exist!) that is just an average though. i never measured over 32 cms with augustine, even though i had him at 39 weeks. i always "lagged behind" -- whatever that means. nobody is worried, i just make smaller babies.

oh we didnt hear the heartbeat, she just used the fetoscope instead of the doppler. which is grand by me, the less technology/waves i expose my kid to in utero the better in our book.

spinning around being totally silly-faces.

more silliness in the bathtub popping bubbles.

and remember this video i made for augustine's birthday? oh my word the boy wants to watch it every ten seconds. i guess you just cant teach a toddler humility. he loves himself!

holy 32 weeks batman!

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