Friday, February 16, 2007

on the fritz

i dont know what's wrong with me. well, i mean i do - (points at belly), but it's something weird too. it started about two weeks ago or so i'd say. i started having problems walking, mostly up and down stairs and almost always at the end of a long day. i just figured i'd over done it and was paying the price. well it's gotten progressively worse each day since then with no increase in activity on my part. yesterday i couldnt walk down the stairs, instead having to hobble down them on my butt and crawl up them like a cat. the issue is my pelvis i think. it's like i can't bear my weight on my left leg without feeling as though i'm going to fall over. im going to call my midwife about it today, not that she will have lots of answers. i got an adjustment and that helped a little but mostly my overall discomfort level went down. by the end of the day i was back to holding onto walls and anything else i could for support. it isnt pressure say, from olive's head engaging. most women have pressure or pain in late pregnancy when their baby drops. im not saying its unrelated but it doesn't feel like that. i wont be a drama queen and speculate what i think is actually wrong, but i sort of imagine this being what someone with a broken pelvis goes through. turning over in bed (to the left side) makes me cringe. i almost had to ask david to help me to the bathroom at 2 am to pee. how embarrassing.

im scared of this issue getting progressively worse until birth. in all probability Olive is more than likely lying on a nerve in my back or something. but um... she's only going to get heavier and heavier for the next 5 or 6 weeks and the chances of her moving into another one is slim. maybe she's posterior? a flip from sunny side up to sunny side down is of course still possible. (or vice versa, though i'd much prefer the classic anterior presentation for delivery. sunny side up hurts more!) im not going to google these symptoms because im sure ill get all kinds of stuff on my screen to weird me out.

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