Sunday, February 18, 2007

pregnant in america

have you heard about the new movie Pregnant in America? i've been hearing the buzz and i cannot tell you how flippin' excited this movie makes me.

see the trailer

i know i can get on a soapbox of sorts once in a while about natural childbirth, i dont regret my feelings at all. i just get to stinking frustrated with america (on innumerable levels) but especially on how over medicated and hysterical we all are about everything. pregnancy is not a medical event and labor is not an emergency. no country in the world can justify the 30% csection rate that america boasts. at the very most a 10-15% rate might be reasonable. hospitals and doctors are by and large money making machines and i for one will not be their cash cow - especially because of misinformation and fear tactics put out there about birth. it's just so utterly irresponsible! did you know that the average OB/gyn will be sued approximately three times in his or her career to the tune of $2.5-3 million dollars. i wont give up my birth experience so s/he can cover their butt. empower yourself against the lies!


Nessa said...

Sorry, I read your blog...and we have alot of things in common!!But anyways I was just wondering if you know if this movie has come out yet, or when it is coming out? Thank ya much!!!

jenny mae. said...

all available information on this movie can be found at