Thursday, February 08, 2007

snow day!

today i am glad augustine isnt potty trained. i took him out into the snow today and after about 25 layers i realized that this would be the perfect moment had be been potty trained for him to start dancing around and telling me he had to go. anyways - his hat lasted all of about 5 minutes on his head, mittens even less. so we made do with just a hood and me constantly telling him to not dig his hands into the snow piles (which went over like a lead balloon and he cried because his hands got too cold). im pretty sure he thinks im magical. i cupped his hands in mind and blew on them and POOF they are warm again! he ran around for about 25 minutes while i shoveled the sidewalk.

have you read that book children's book if you give a mouse a cookie? actually when i was a wee lass it was just that one book, now i understand they have several similar books (if you give a pig a pancake, if you give a moose a muffin, etc.) basically the story starts with someone offering a mouse a cookie. if you give a mouse a cookie hes going to want milk to dunk it in. and if he has milk he'll get a milk moustash and need a napkin. and so on and so forth. well that is exactly me this pregnancy. if i shovel my sidewalk i might as well keep going and do my neighbors sidewalk too. and if i do their sidewalk and their driveway is just so tiny and nearby i might as well shovel that too. (for the record the snow that has fallen here is very very powdery and takes no effort at all to clear). i get that way with cleaning too. if i sweep the floor i might as well wash it too. and if the gloves are on and the rag is wet i might as well wash the bathroom floors too, and the sink, and the tub, etc. its sort of comical.

i really need a tote bag for library excursions. shoving this and that into whatever bag (ahem. diaper bag, jenny. let's be honest. you dont carry a real purse anymore) i have on hand. so i ventured over to and here are a few ideas. im not loving the price but im cheap i guess. they also had a million things i wanted when you just type in the word "Olive".

idea 1
idea 2
idea 3

after we came inside we ate lunch and i worked on making dinner (baked whole grain ziti) so all i had to do was pop it in the oven to heat it up and melt the cheese. he ate such a great lunch, every little morsel, that i let him have some ice cream afterward complete with chocolate syrup. he was on cloud nine!

gosh this red raspberry leaf tea is giving me some wicked braxton hicks contractions today. ugh.

oh and a very happy (albeit belated) birthday to my niece annie marshall! i can't believe you're 1 yr. old already!!!

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