Friday, April 27, 2007

to be known

david worked ridiculously late last night, despite a recent promotion that hinted that no such thing would be necessary on his part any longer. i guess that will just take some time to take effect. i guess i should have mentioned this when it happened (maybe two weeks ago?) but david got offered a higher-up job in his company and it will just be such a blessing in so many ways. it isn't about money (though the raise is substantial), but im just so proud and happy that david is doing such a great job and working as diligently as he is/does. oh and he doesn't complain either, which baffles me. i'd be cursing ten ways to tuesday if i had to work some of the insane hours david has for his company. i married a saint. so last night he comes home and olive and i had conked out already. i woke up who knows when to see him reclined on his side of the bed just staring at us. it was so sweet.

this morning he said he had a surprise for me and i saw he had made me a large format print of me nursing olive for the first time from the night she was born! he hung it upstairs near our bathroom. i got all choked up because i truly just felt so understood by david at that moment. he, more than anyone knew just what that moment (and all subsequent ones like it) meant to me and the gravity of it. (especially in the light of the semi-disasterous situation with augustine not nursing) it is a blessed thing to be known.

oh yeah and she's pretty cute so ill share pictures

i weighed her today and she's between 9 - 9 1/2 lbs so as soon as we use up the last of these disposables (today or tonight) it's cloth time!

oh and yesterday i went on my first "four leaf clover hunt" of the season. i found 12 four-leafed, 5 five-leafed, and 1 six-leafed. not bad... i found almost all of them on one of my neighbors lawns. i sat there crouched down picking as discretely and quickly as i could for fear they might come home or stick their head out of the door at any minute and ask me what the heck i was doing. i hear a door open and i frantically keep picking for a few more seconds as i see someone coming down their walk. "I WAS JUST PICKING CLOVERS!" i exclaim. he just laughed and said cool. then i felt stupid for being so twitchy.

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