Wednesday, May 16, 2007


today i signed up for the International Breastmilk Project whereby women donate milk and it is sent off to africa to babies orphaned by AIDS/HIV. expressing milk is one of the things im good at in life - last night i went to get my haircut and i sat down and fed olive then pumped 5 ounces for david to use just in case WWIII happened while i was out. 5 ounces! do i even need to bring this photo out of the archives? oops i just did. so anyways i really fell in love with this project. breastfeeding definitely helps and saves babies lives but in america by and large formula is available and "safe" for consumption, whereas in africa formula can be dangerous because of the contaminated water, not to mention expensive and unavailable. so truly breastmilk can save these lives! everything is completely free - they come to your house for a free blood draw, send you everything necessary for storing the milk, even providing free pumps if you need one. shipping is also free if you dont live near a milk bank that you can drop it off at. you just have to fill out a small survey and provide basic information. if you blood checks out you're off and running. err pumping.

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