Wednesday, June 06, 2007

8 weeks!

olive is 8 weeks old tomorrow. (insert gratuitous wow.) what a happy, healthy, chunky little girl i have on my hands. i swear today she almost rolled over and i had my OMG face on as i ran to get the camera. she didn't roll over but she did manage to wiggle herself almost out of her diaper (major plumbers crack was showing, it was hilarious) cooing and talking up a storm too, i just love it. am i psychotic because i love getting up in the middle of the night with her? decidedly so. i just like that everything is so still and dim, it's just she and i in our sleepy state doing our thing together. olive only gets up once a night now and i am sort of bummed. again, psychotic? she nods off around 9 and gets up around 3am to nurse, then again at 7am or so - but i think that is just because she hears the husband moving about getting ready for work. i weighed her with our fish scale yesterday and she's about 13 lbs now (we don't do well checks fyi.) i didn't measure her length but she appears to be fairing more towards my side of the family (tall) than my husbands (medium/short)

she's a real delight. (though im not ready for more babies presently)

snapping a photo before getting up for the day

this is her yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum stance.

she looks like me here, no?

there's so much of my birth that i never blogged about but don't want to forget. like all the jokes maggie and david were cracking to try to get me to laugh, or at the very end of the pushing phase they dumped pot after pot of cold water into the tub with me and had i not been in the state i was, i would have jumped up and smooched them it felt so good. i remember maggie cleaning up my blood off the carpet and remarking how awesome peroxide was for such a task (this was post partum of course and in between passing out i was laughing about this over and over).

OH and olive has just one dimple - just like my grandma!

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