Tuesday, June 12, 2007

two months + God

God has a weird sense of how he wants things done. im reminded of this all the time. we've been having some "issues" with the boys across the street - ages 2 (alexander) + 5 (xavier) approximately. augustine is definitely the youngest boy on the block out of their group (which ranges from probably 2-5 in general). xavier is nice but he's equal parts manipulative and big brother-ish towards augustine. for example aug will be toddling around with them and ill be sitting on our stoop across the street with olive/reading a book while quasi-watching them all play (remember that the boys' parents never watch them?) and xavier will call over to me that augustine says he wants to ride his bike. which really means that xavier wants to ride augustine's bike. if i call back a negative to the request he keeps insisting and persisting. on the occasions that i do bring over his bike i always preface it by saying that it is AUGGIE'S bike and if he wants to ride it, he has first dibs. every single time i see augustine riding his bike for a few minutes and then xavier distracting him off of it with a toy and then off he goes on aug's bike. it ticks me off! granted i could say no and i often do, but auggie does want to ride his bike most of the time. it kills me that a 5 year old has learned to manipulate like that. original sin folks. so back to the original weird-sense-of-humor comment. yesterday augustine is playing with the boys and i come across the street to put on augustine's shoes since the pavement was getting warmer as the day was going on. the oldest of the bunch pulls me aside and tells me that auggie has pooped his pants. so i take the little bugger back home and change him and when i bring him back literally every single child on the block had some sort of frozen treat in their hands. apparently while we were gone (approximately 3-5 minutes) the ice cream truck had gone by and a benevolent neighbor had bought EVERYONE ice cream) what are the chances!!? remember this post? thankfully nothing of the sort happened and he actually showed no reaction to every person on the planet his planet having ice cream but him. horray for dodging bullets!

today olive is two months old. i can't believe how easy it is to raise a baby. i expected a lot worse and really i almost laugh saying "worse" because that implies a certain level of discomfort with the situation. hardly! did i ever mention that neither of my kids entered the world in a traditional presentation but rather as they say, fetal malpositions? those account for only about 5% of all births and i had two of 'em! augustine was compound presentation (with his right arm up by his face) and olive was brow presentation (with her forehead coming out first which is present in only about 1 in every 500 births or so). olive was a real doozy to push out let me say. i believe my midwife said that pushing out a 7 lbs. brow presentation was like pushing out a 10-12 lbs. normally presenting babe. (just picture me doing the cabbage patch or running man dance right here)

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