Tuesday, June 26, 2007

life + olive

whenever i am out i take a moment whilst putting the kids back in their carseats and say a quiet prayer of thanks for the blessed opportunity to leave my house and overcome my agoraphobia, even if just for one trip.

i love that the last two times i have taken the kids to the library someone has stopped me to talk about the "powered by vegetable oil" sticker on our car. today a woman said "do you know that guy who is really into that down in north carolina?" in my head i said "oh yes THAT GUY. i see him at the meetings." but my mouth said "um... no". people at the library fill my life with funny joy. we have a "book bag" and we fill it to the brim every trip, well the bag overfloweth and we have now upgraded the book bag tote and downgraded the diaper bag tote. all of this is part of my slow toddler-tv-weaning process. he watches significantly less tv now that we have a room full of interesting new books. duh jenny.

i wish i were an artist so i could draw you a picture of what i looked like today. first i washed my hair in the sink (i love washing my hair in the sink by the way. this habit started in college) and then made my way out to the (burning hot) car with the following: a baby in a carseat, a package the size of a shoebox (robina!), a toddler, a large tote bag stuffed to the brim with heavy books and videos, keys, and my sunglasses. putting the sunglasses on my head would have been way too easy. oh to be an octopus at a moment like this! off we go to the post office in our car that has limited air conditioning at best on a 90 degree day. augustine is all the while going "libbary! libbary! libarrrrry!!" as we pull up. thankfully the package was already to go - this task gets much trickier when i have to take the babes to the post office and they wait while i assemble it. then off to the library where i had pre-thought to put 7 things on reserve instead of having to look through the shelves in various sections for the books, cds, and movies i wanted. score! augustine played in the great playroom and i happily sat down for a few minutes of peace in the air conditioning. then we stuff even more books and videos than we came in with into the tote bag. my aching shoulders... so on the way home i figured i was already feeling achy and sweaty as all get out so why not just add a little more fuel to the fire and stop off for some milk. it was either get it now and add more weight to the strain of my load or come out later and do it.

olive rolled over for the first time
today .

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Alia said...

wow--i love the balancing act.
(btw-if you get some of those metal or plastic clippy things it is amazing what you can attach to the handle of a car seat)

yay for rolling over!!!